WCM   Wafer Charging Monitors, Inc.

Equipment & Process Evaluation Services

This is the easiest way to get acquainted with CHARM®-2 monitor wafers . . .

  1. Contact our Worldwide Sales & Service Office for a price quotation and other details to get started.

  2. Submit your Purchase Order for the number of CHARM®-2 wafers and evaluation services you need.

  3. WCM will confirm your order, pre-condition (calibrate and program) the CHARM®-2 monitor wafers you specified and express ship them directly to you.

  4. Once you receive the wafers, you will be ready to run them through the process chamber of your equipment using a shortened* version of your actual process -- e.g., plasma etch, plasma depostion, implant, etc.  (*Please contact us beforehand for guidance.)

  5. Ship the CHARM®-2 wafers you used back to WCM and we will do the rest.

  6. WCM will test the wafers for you and provide a detailed report that includes wafer maps of wafer surface-substrate potentials, UV dose, and J-V characteristics of the charging source. We will also show you how to use the data to predict device damage.

  7. WCM can E-mail you the test results in Adobe Acrobat Reader format as soon as they become available (usually by the end of the day after we receive your wafers).

  8. We will also "re-program" your wafers to get them ready for your next experiment and return them to you. (The CHARM®-2 monitor wafers may be used again and again to quantify the charging characteristics of any IC process equipment, including ion implanters, ashers, etchers, and deposition systems -- to maximize the value you receive.)
That's all there is to it! Throughout your experience, WCM will stand ready to provide over-the-phone applications support to answer your questions and help guide you through the entire process -- and we will be available for telephone consultation to help you interpret the test results.

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