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Frequently Asked Questions
(Advanced FAQ's)

Wafer Charging in Plasma Deposition

1.Q. Can I use CHARM®-2 wafers in plasma deposition tools?
A. Yes. The deposited material has to be removed before testing, but this can be readily accomplished using wet etchants. We have done this many times -- please contact WCM for more information.

2.Q. Can the CHARM®-2 sensors distinguish between charging during oxide deposition at elevated temperature (when oxides are more susceptible to damage) vs. charging at low temperature, which is not associated with deposition?
A. Yes. CHARM®-2 wafers contain many sensors, some of which are sensitive to temperature and others that are not sensitive to temperature. By comparing the response of the sensors that are sensitive to temperature with the response of the sensors that are not sensitive to temperature, it is possible to determine which charging events occurred at elevated temperature and which occurred at low temperature.

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