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ChargeMap® Software  

The key element for successful, dependable, on-site application of the patented re-usable CHARM®-2 wafer charging monitors is WCM's proprietary ChargeMap® data analysis and display software incorporating patented CHARM®-2 data conversion techniques. ChargeMap® was developed to provide a dedicated "application-specific" data analysis environment to enable the user to manipulate the CHARM®-2 results with unmatched productivity and ease of use.


ChargeMap® has been used by WCM to analyze thousands of CHARM®-2 experiments in ion implanters, resist ashers, plasma etchers, and plasma deposition systems. ChargeMap® reads CHARM®-2 data files from standard parametric testers, and allows the user to generate wafer maps of surface-substrate voltages, UV dose, charge fluxes, and J-V characteristics - the driving forces behind charging damage in IC process equipment.

Easy to Use

The special-purpose ChargeMap® software provides the high productivity data analysis and display functions used and refined by WCM in its own extensive customer support operations. Employing WINDOWS®-style pulldown menus, the user interface is intuitive, easily learned, and optimized for ease of use.

Runs on Inexpensive Hardware/Software Platforms

ChargeMap® software runs on IBM-compatible PC's with 8MB of memory, under WINDOWS®-95, WINDOWS®-98, WINDOWS®-2000, or WINDOWS®-XP and allows the use of WINDOWS®-supported printers.

Compatible with Standard Parametric Testers

To ensure accurate, dependable CHARM®-2 results and to provide for flexible use of test resources, ChargeMap® has been designed to read CHARM data files from WCM-approved makes and models of standard parametric testers. Please contact WAFER CHARGING MONITORS, INC. for a list of recommended choices.

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