WCM   Wafer Charging Monitors, Inc.

Fully Automated ChargeMap® Software!  

The latest release of ChargeMap generates the appropriate wafer maps, J-V plots, and a complete report of all findings automatically - a click on the "Analyze" button does it! The new report format now includes extensive explanations of the results, and their relevance to charging damage.

ChargeMap also verifies the integrity of the calibration, program, and measure data files to ensure a fool-proof assessment of the charging characteristics of your process tools.

The new ChargeMap also includes DamageMap™, which summarizes in a single wafer map the results displayed in several J-V graphs. Given the gate oxide breakdown voltage, DamageMap produces a wafer map of charging currents, the real cause of charging damage. DamageMap wafer maps may be compared directly to product yield wafer maps, to determine if a particular processing tool is responsible for damage to product gate oxide.

The new ChargeMap is available now.


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