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CHARM®-2 Applications Package  

After twelve years of documented, successful industrial applications of CHARM®-2 wafer charging monitors, WCM now offers a complete package to provide on-site turn-around time and best measurement sensitivity. The package includes re-usable CHARM®-2 wafers, WCM proprietary ChargeMap® data analysis and display software, technical notes explaining the CHARM®-2 concepts, and applications training designed to convey to the user a working knowledge of CHARM®-2 applications procedures, data analysis, and data interpretation.

Download Application Package Details

For a more detailed description of the CHARM®-2 Applications Package, please download the following file. (The file contains a 2-page brochure showing a typical wafer surface potential map, J-V characteristics, and DamageMap™ that can be produced using ChargeMap® software.)

(85 KB)CHARM®-2 Applications Package

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